It Affects Us All: Community Organizing | Our Children are Gifts

Our Children are Gifts

“In our teachings of our traditional ways, families never inflicted violence towards each other or the children.  Our people believe that the children are gifts from the creator and we are not the “owners” but the caretakers of them.  We were given these children to teach them, to be good role models for them, and to bring forth harmony, peace and understanding.  We have expressed to our children all the teachings we have been given by our experiences in life.  Children must be taught the “good” ways and must be shown to them by their families.  All children are cared for by other members of the family.  A child can be given and shown respect by their auntie who also cares for them.  In a family, everyone works together to help teach the children. Children are taught to listen and respect their parents and family.  Can we now, see the difference in what violence has done to our way of life?  Our children, who are our hope for tomorrow, will only bring pain and destruction to the generations to come, if violence continues to engulf our families.” “We are the voices of long ago, who speak to you.  We know that you have made the attempt to change your way, and we know that our children need to learn the way of long ago.

The teachings will come if the people will listen, the teachings will be heard if the people can understand they no longer want this violence to destroy their families.  It is like the war, when we had to stand and fight for what we believed, it is now your turn to fight for the children.  We know that the children will perish if we cannot hold strong to our faith in our beliefs.  We are here to help and to try to give some direction to keep our people from destroying themselves.  No one will know the sadness we all feel inside when we hear and see the pain growing in our children’s eyes.  It is not our way to hold the blame onto others, it is our way to change things and make them right.  Hear our voices in the wind.  Listen and carefully remember the ancestors speak to all their people.  Like every sunrise, let us see the hope for a better future.

Do not let our children suffer from such violent ways. Creator’s gifts are many and we each have been given a spirit to guide and to share as it is an honour for Creator to bestow this gift to you. We have spoken and we continue to watch over you, we are your helpers from the other world, listen and we speak through other’s, our words will come.  We as people, we as strong, strong people, will get together and look violence in the eye as we have not the fear but the strength to change our ways.  As the wind blows in many directions, so do the voices of our ancestors.  Let us open our hearts and souls and listen, for these voices are clear.  Our ancestors speak.”

by Jake Thomas