About Violence Against Women | Examples of Abuse

Examples of Abuse

Any physical act intended to control, harm, injure or inflict physical pain on another person.

Spitting on her; Pinching her; Pushing her; Restraining her; Grabbing her; Slapping her; Pulling her hair; Punching her; Kicking her; Burning or scalding her; Biting her; Choking or strangling her; Attacking her with a weapon.

Mental (Psychological) Abuse

Intentionally undermining a person’s self worth, individual identity, confidence in their own perceptions of what is real, or sense of agency, capacity and empowerment (i.e. their ability to act, and have an impact on the world.)

Threatening her; Intimidating her; Controlling her; Criticizing her; Humiliating her; Isolating her from family and friends; Restricting her access to money; Using cruel mind games; Belittling her.

Emotional Abuse and Sexual Abuse

Using ridicule, fear, terror, threats, intentional put-downs; using what is known about the other person’s needs, fears, hopes and dreams, weaknesses and vulnerability to hurt and control her; any strategy calculated to make the victim feel bad about herself. Sexual abuse also incorporates elements of physical abuse and the emotional and psychological abuse.

Withholding affection; Threatening to have sex with someone else; Criticizing her body; Unwanted touching; Refusing to accept “no” as an answer; Forcing her to act out sexual fantasies; Telling her she is not good enough; Calling her names; Talking down to her because of things she can’t change; Stalking her.

Spiritual Abuse

Any action that does not allow her freedom to practice her own spiritual way of being.

Not allowing her to attend ceremonies (sweats, fasts, smudges or prayer circles); Isolating her from Elders or Traditional teachers; Forcing her to practice your spiritual beliefs; Stopping her efforts at personal growth; Putting her down because of her spiritual beliefs; Isolating her from family, friends or community.