Taking Care: Resources For Women | Shelters

What to expect from the Shelter System.

Shelter is a safe place for women, (with or without children), who need respite from an abusive relationship. Shelters support women experiencing physical, sexual, emotional, financial abuse and/or stalking. Shelters have several bedrooms (designed to accommodate both single women and families) and shared living spaces. Shelters have secured entry and surveillance cameras, and are staffed 24-hours.

Women, aged 16 and older (with or without children), who are fleeing, or need a break from an abusive relationship or situation (abuse can be emotional, financial, physical, sexual, or in the form of stalking) are eligible to stay in shelter.

Women considering shelter need to understand that a shelter is a short-term shared living accommodation where other women in similar circumstances (with or without children) are staying. You can expect that food, toiletries and bedding will be supplied. The shelter housekeeping and meal preparations is shared by residents. You can expect strict security procedures and visiting policies. You can also expect to have contact with shelter staff, who are available for a variety of services and supports.

For more information, visit http://maggiesresource.com/sheltersc59.php