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Kanawayhitowin Training Video

The Kanawayhitowin video is a 18-minute, documentary (in English only) which provides critical information about how Aboriginal families, and communities are impacted by woman abuse. Members of the Aboriginal community who work with the women and their families as well as key community members share their own experiences as well as inspiring messages emphasizing the importance of community involvement in educating others about the issue and to work toward putting an end to domestic violence in our communities.

Training Video

Download Video

TO DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO and play it on DVD device
1. Download the file here: .mp4 download .mp4 download (RIGHT CLICK AND SAVE AS)
2. Click to SAVE the file to your Desktop
3. Once the file is downloaded to your Computer system, please use your DVD Encoder software (many option exist if you don’t have one such as located Here)
4. Open the Encoder and find the file you just download from us called Kanawayhitowin-v5.mp4. Once you have the file in the system encoder to burn, insert your DVD and press RECORD
5. Test the final DVD to ensure that is plays on your DVD system
You can also order the video for training purposes. Please go to Ordering Materials